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Our inventory keeps changing as we update our selections. The gallery below is a representation of the fine furs we offer including Blackglama Mink, Sheared Mink, Fox, Chinchilla, and Sheared Beaver. Click on any image to view larger size.
Style P231 Style 01
Small Leather Purse w/ Rhinestones & Pom-pom
Avail. in Silver, Black & Gold
Small Black, Rex Rabbit Purse w/ Gold Chain w/ Leather
Style SMP Style HYDE-1
Handmade Mahog. Mink Purse w/ Black Cord Bow w/ Mahog. Mink Pom-pom
Handmade Calfskin Black & White w/ Gold Tone Accents Purse. Comes w/ Long Strap & Short Strap
Style BLP Style RPP
Black Leather Purse, Two Outside Pockets w/ Buckle Snaps, Large Middle Snap w/ Gold Tone Ornamentation
Red Patent, Quilted Purse w/ Gold Tone Accents
Style 02 Style HYDE-2
Large Rexchilla Rabbit Purse w/ Leather Straps
Handmade Calfskin Handbag. Can Fold Down to Double as a Clutch
Leather Gloves w/ Fox Trim, Lined in Cashmere
Avail. in Black/Black Fox & Brown/Brown Fox
Leather Gloves w/ Mink Trim, Lined in Cashmere
Avail. in Black/Black Mink & Brown/Brown Mink
Long Black Leather Gloves, w/ Ornamentation At the Top of the Gloves
Size M
Our Homemade Bear Family! They Come In All Shapes & Prices
$75 - $350
Mink Throw Blanket  
Mink Throw Blanket
50 inches x 60 inches. Natural Ranch Mink & Lunaraine Mink, Lined in Loro Piana, 100% Cashmere from Italy.
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