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Our inventory keeps changing as we update our selections. The gallery below is a representation of the fine furs we offer including Blackglama Mink, Sheared Mink, Fox, Chinchilla, and Sheared Beaver. Click on any image to view larger size.
100% Cashmere Sugar Brown Cape w/ Dyed Fox
20-inch Stole, Avail. in Ranch or Mahog.
100% Cashmere Cape with Fox Collar (Avail. in Black/Black Fox, Brown/Brown Fox, Camel/Matching Fox, Red Black Fox & Winter White/Matching Fox)
Cashmere/Wool Blend Cape With Fox Border (Avail. in Black/Black Fox & Brown/Brown Fox)
2 Skin Stole w/ Tails, Avail. in Blk, White, Indigo
Lynx Cape w/ White Fox Trim
18-inch Mink Capelet with Fox Trim (Avail. in Black Mink/Black Fox & White Mink/White Fox)
20-inch Full Skin Mink Cape (Avail. in Ranch & Mahogany)


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